Play Nice

I spend virtually no time on social media despite my JT Kunkel presence on several platforms. That is, honestly, for business and marketing purposes only.

What has happened on social media over the past year has, at least to my way of thinking, been frightening. I don’t care whether you consider yourself a Socialist, Liberal, Democrat, Independent, Republican, Conservative, or whatever, the wholesale silencing of voices and opinions is counter to what this country was founded on and I believe it should be stopped.

My other concern is the disregard that many people have while on-line or on social media to general etiquette. I believe that you should never type anything that you would not say to someone’s face, whether you know them or not. The name-calling or worse is demeaning and is only making the hatred that has been growing during the in past year worst.

Am I perfect? Nope. Not at all. I just don’t post on social media, so I don’t have the opportunity to look as distasteful as many people do because they sit behind a keyboard and type whatever comes into their head. In many cases, that’s not very attractive.

I’d suggest reading what you post and pretend you are on the receiving end before you post it.

Have a great day.

J T Kunkel

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