This is the Time

This is the Time

The break from the humdrum day to day work life has been eye opening. I’m on countless Zoom and Team meetings every day and invariably there is someone on the screen complaining about being lonely, not being able to be in the office, or about their kids or spouse being on their last nerve. Ironically, these are the same people who couldn’t “wait for Friday” when they showed up to work every Monday morning.

I’m reminded of a quote by Abe Lincoln, “Folks are usually as happy as they make their minds up to be.” This from the man who was president during the nation’s only Civil War. He had every reason not to be happy but made his mind up to be.

I’ve heard this pandemic referred to as everything from ‘an unmitigated disaster’, ‘crisis not ever known to man’, to ‘something to endure until it’s over so we can resume our normal lives.’ And, yes, I know this is a true disaster and crisis for many. I realize that many are sick or dying and my heart goes out to them and their families.

However, I’m speaking about some of the people who have been quarantined , social distancing, and just generally inconvenienced, but have otherwise not been impacted by COVID 19 like so many others.

Think about six months from now, when that late meeting makes you miss your son’s school play, your daughter’s piano recital, your anniversary dinner that’s been planned for weeks because you are scrambling to get that project done. Or you’re at your wit’s end because you can’t stand another minute of the person in the next cubicle griping about this or that.

Look around. How many of us have wished that we could sleep just a half hour more or that the office was closed due to inclement weather. Well, we got our wish in a big way.

I think Billy Joel said it best. “This is the time to remember ’cause it will not last forever. These are the days to hold onto, but we won’t although we want to.”

Be thankful for what you have. Spend some time with your spouse and your children. Embrace your family because you have one. Don’t wish for something different. Take advantage of something rarely given to us: time.

This is the time.

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